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Variety of healthy food supplements such as blue matcha, butterfly pea flowers, collagen powder, spirulina powder, vitamins for vegans and vegetarians, flax and chia seeds,

Vitamin B12 - supplementation necessary or not?

Especially for vegetarians important essential vitamins: B12 Some people choose to be vegetarian or vegan to avoid eating animals. However, it is important that vegetarians and vegans...

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Buddha gratitude

Find inner peace and feel gratitude

Video: Happiness Formula - How to Lead a Happy Life in Gratitude Video by Dieter Lange, is meant to serve as a little inspiration to live more in the now and instead of thinking...


Shedding - Fission Fungus or True Danger?

What is RNA shedding anyway? RNA shedding is the process of coughing up and otherwise spreading genetically modified RNA. Experts assume that the subjects of the large-scale experiment mutate into RNA producers themselves and...

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This is how you discharge graphene oxide without drugs.

How to neutralize graphene oxide (GO) in the body

Read the article now How to neutralize graphene oxide and limit the consequences for the organism Before we come to the topic How to neutralize graphene oxide, first of all some information. How dangerous is graphene oxide....


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