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Overcome financial stress

Financial stress is widespread in our generation and it affects many areas of life. The health aspects remain widely underestimated, but there are many studies that clearly show that poverty also promotes disease. Below a certain level of financial resources, the likelihood of civilization diseases such as cancer increases significantly. But what can you do to avoid getting sick because of worries about money or debt or, if you have already gotten sick, to provide relief? How can I live more freely from worries and sleep more peacefully with creditors breathing down my neck? 

Symptoms of financial stress

How can I tell that my financial situation is making me ill? Worries about the future and financial fears manifest themselves in excessive cortisol production. Your whole organism is set up for flight or fight, whether you are awake or asleep, if it is a diffuse fear. You are stressed and over-acidified because of the feelings that are inside you. This often leads to various other symptoms that are induced by the over-acidity. Many processes in the body that depend heavily on a good supply of minerals are disrupted. 

The lack of minerals and overexertion in the search for solutions to problems leads to headaches. 

When we are afraid, digestion is restricted as the body gets ready to escape a dangerous situation. The result of poorly running digestion is poorer absorption of ingested nutrients and minerals that would be just so important. Poorly digested food pulp leads to gas accumulation, bloating and abdominal pain in the sufferer.

The stress promotes skin dryness and other skin problems such as acne, pimples. In addition, stressed people are more prone to scratch themselves.

If you have jaw pain and headaches, this may also be triggered by your worries and a direct result of the diffuse anxiety that keeps you up at night even when you sleep. 
However, dental splints, which are supposed to help, do nothing. On the contrary, they contain substances that are even banned in infant toys and promote impotence in men and infertility in women. 

Worries about a bad financial situation don't let you fall asleep at night. Some trick themselves into falling asleep by consuming media, so that the spirals of thought don't get the upper hand and you then lie awake half the night. But this is not a permanent solution. It is necessary to work on the cause of the problem.

Addictions, smoking, and other self-injurious or, to put it bluntly, suicidal behaviors where you know exactly what you are doing to yourself in the long run are always a strong indication of a precarious situation. They are often only the consequence and not the cause of a problem. 

5 strategies against money worries

Bring order to your environment

Create order in your own four walls and you will see that the clutter in your head will also clear. The more you take things into your own hands and make it worth your while to live in a clean and orderly, perhaps even lovingly furnished household, the more likely you will be to bring order to your financial affairs as well and get things done that will move you further in the direction of success.

Free yourself from the victim role

No matter how bad your fate was and what happened to you, nothing but yourself prevents you from becoming successful. You have some task and for the fulfillment of this you were given everything necessary. Your past is not responsible for your future. You are the creator of your reality, you choose the people around you to deal with and you decide by what you do or don't do how you are doing, be it mentally or financially.

Read good books and develop yourself

Work on your own psyche. Soak up new impulses and read a few pages in a good book every day. How about, for example, "Everything is achievable, success can be learned" by Raymond Hull? 
This book has helped the author of this article very much. Take a look at the video by Horst Lüning. He has brought it himself to much and also says of himself that the book has contributed to it a decisive part. Furthermore we can recommend "Think and become rich" by Napoleon Hill. You will not regret reading these two works.

Start a scalable project

There are things you like to do, things that help other people and things where you can earn something with. If you can find such a heart project where you can combine these three things, then this will pave the way to financial independence in the long run.
Scalability means that it doesn't matter to you in terms of effort whether your product is seen or bought by ten or ten thousand people. This actually means that your product should be digital. The Secret of Health project helps a lot of people improve their health and at the same time should be cost-covering, maybe even eventually with small profits. Along the way, we as operators learn many things that also help us in other places to become financially independent and not have to give our time to any employer anymore. You too can help other people. It is a universal law that if you seriously try to help, your investment will automatically turn into sounding coin for you at some point. Just try it and you will see that it works. 

You lack the necessary experience and skills? Educate yourself, take courses e.g. at udemy. For extremely low fees, you can learn everything you need to get ahead and reach your goal. 

Talk to someone who can help you outside the matrix

Consult people who know the ropes and know how you can reduce your debt load or protect yourself from official access without the usual means, such as private insolvency, which some see as a last resort. Did you know that without a delivery address in Germany, you become unassailable to your pursuers? 

The sheer knowledge of the possibilities that an English postal address could bring you, for example, is incredible. We will gladly put you in touch with our contact person, so that he can also help you. Leave us your email and we will send you everything else you need. You can talk to Jörg free of charge, who has maneuvered his way through the thicket of paragraphs and found a way to be able to sleep peacefully even in spite of debts or trouble with the authorities and whose advice we have been following ourselves for over two years. 

Enter your email and sleep more soundly.

You can call or write anonymously via Telegram with Jörg.

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