Shedding - Fission Fungus or True Danger?

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What is RNA shedding anyway?

RNA shedding is the process of coughing up and otherwise spreading genetically modified RNA. Experts assume that the test subjects of the large-scale experiment mutate into RNA producers themselves and wander around as mobile RNA factories. Numerous unsmurfed subjects report symptoms after coming into contact with (freshly) smurfed subjects. The symptoms range from skin rashes, dizziness, extreme fatigue, erysipelas and all other herpes zoster symptoms to severe joint and back problems. The exact mechanism is still a matter of debate among experts.

Should we stay away from the smurfed? Is so-called 'shedding' so dangerous or rather a means of division?

In many places, there is talk of so-called "shedding", meaning the distribution of RNA from smurfed people who become an RNA factory as a result of the smurfing. We hear scare scenarios from people who are almost afraid of smurfed people, and often in talking to people in our follower base, it becomes clear that many become very isolated and are haunted by feelings of disconnection. We don't want to be too relative, because we are aware of the potential consequences of smurfing. However, there is no danger to life for people who consciously take care of their diet and mind. Don't underestimate the role of stress and panic, there are diseases that spring from these feelings alone, that's why we advise, should the feelings of panic and fear take over, to focus more on the now again. The most important person in your life is you! Who do you want to help if you can't help yourself? Do not deprive yourself of the possibility to look at the present without panic glasses. If the impulses from the alternative channels also become too strong, a digital fasting cure must take place. Getting out, meeting people helps immensely. We are not saying that shedding doesn't exist or is completely harmless, but overdramatizing this issue doesn't help anyone.The current shedding is not so deadly as to require complete isolation from shedders. If shedding were such a problem, a smurfed person would infect a non-smurfed person anyway, and the non-smurfed person would infect another non-smurfed person, so strictly speaking one would have to stay away not only from smurfs, but from everyone who had contact with someone who had contact with a smurfed person. That this is not possible does not need to be explained further. Rationally speaking, therefore, it makes no sense to lock yourself up at home.


So can I not protect myself from 'shedding' at all?


The main ingredient in the Smurf syringe is believed to be graphene oxide, which we're going to tell you about here have already provided detailed information. Graphene oxide is not a very stable compound and it is broken down and excreted by the body anyway. Unfortunately, many cells of the body, especially lung cells are damaged by exposure to graphene oxide and therefore it is absolutely necessary to have a high level of vitamin C in the body and to administer antioxidants or even super antioxidants like glutathione. In many tips and posts that are currently circulating, however, there is talk of mono-supplements such as zinc, glutathione, N-acetylcysteine or melatonin. These are supposed to solve the problem completely and stop the accumulation of graphene oxide. However, many studies indicate that the mono-preparations indicated do not achieve their maximum effect by far, since no attention is paid to bioavailability in any way, i.e. the body can absorb the active ingredients in these high concentrations and without the addition of the partners necessary for metabolism only in small proportions. Most of the active ingredient ends up undigested in the toilet. In general, of course, detoxification always makes sense, but we tend to rely on bioavailable combinations of superantioxidants such as resveratrol in combination with the B vitamins, zinc, choline, selenium, green tea extract and some important amino acids, since the microchemical processes necessary for detoxification only function effectively in the presence of these above-mentioned nutrients. Just as deacidification does not succeed with magnesium alone, so does the elimination of Graphene oxide not with glutathione alone. However, if the right substances are available to the body, it is also able to use its self-healing powers in an optimal way and can carry out repair processes in the best possible way.

What do I do with my Smurf friends now?

What do [they] want you to do?

Right, absolute isolation, hatred, agitation, insurmountable differences, fear, lack of understanding between the smurfed and unsmurfed.

What are you doing?

Of course, now you lock yourself up at home 24/7 and only shop online, because that makes sense. This will be followed by the completion and occupancy of the quarantine stores (QL) in the winter, when unsmurfed people may not be allowed to leave the house and still want to get out? No one from the matrix will care if we let ourselves drift into absolute division now.


Instead, how about staying open and part of society as much as possible, without fear and doing what is feasible to still stay healthy?

If you alone understand how sick fear makes you, you will realize that it makes no sense to vegetate alone and isolated and only wait for new horror and division messages from the tube. How about instead going out into nature, free from fear and showing this to others who may be afraid and therefore accept everything as God-given? We should stay human and we should stay in contact with each other, smurfed and unsmurfed Do you seriously believe that a healthy person who does what is possible for his health and informs himself about how to protect himself from graphene oxide and how to get his acid-base balance under control will be taken away by toilet seat germs? We don't think so.

Let us remain in love, even with weak souls who do not believe the extent of the sadism and lust for power of the few is possible. One day they will have to keep their heads lowered in shame when what only a few know so far becomes public knowledge.


Alone we are weak, together we are unstoppable. Let us stay in love

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