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Heavy metals - Overview

Heavy metals are one of the environmental burdens we have to deal with every day. Many people suffer from metal and toxin exposure and the effects of this are often difficult to clearly attribute to this exposure. To get a clearer idea of how heavy metal exposure can manifest itself and what can be done to reduce it, we explain in this article.

What heavy metals are there?

Toxic heavy metals include aluminum, lead, cadmium, tin, beryllium, platinum, arsenic, nickel, mercury and palladium.
In addition to these, the controversial amalgam, which was often used as a filling material for teeth, plays a very important role in the whole issue. Amalgam consists of 50% mercury and binds the substance. It also frequently contains other heavy metals. Mercury has a neurotoxic effect and is often released into the body via amalgam fillings over a long period of time and accumulates in fatty tissue, among other things.

What are the consequences of heavy metal exposure?

Too high a concentration of heavy metals, also known as heavy metal pollution, is significant for the development of many diseases, including many autoimmune diseases, Lyme disease and many more.

  1. Allergies
  2. Migraine
  3. Psychological problems, anxiety disorders
  4. Chronic exhaustion
  5. Fungal diseases, Candida
  6. Poor immune response
  7. Stomach and intestinal problems
  8. Alzheimer's disease
  9. Multiple sclerosis
  10. Lyme disease
  11. Tinnitus
  12. Cancer
  13. Skin diseases

What helps best against heavy metals?

The best elimination is useless if the intake remains high, so it is worth purchasing a water filter system, e.g. a reverse osmosis system (e.g. from the company RETEC [honest recommendation, not an affiliate]). Frequently contaminated foods such as fish in general and canned tuna in particular and canned food in general should also be avoided. In addition to the fear of radioactive contamination, seafood often contains high levels of lead and mercury. There are some detox aids that are ideal for a detox cure or for sustainable integration into the diet plan. We list the 12 best remedies for eliminating heavy metals below.

The 12 best remedies for heavy metal elimination

1. chlorella

Chlorella increases the oxygen saturation of the blood due to its high chlorophyll content of approx. 4% and thus also supports the body's ability to bind and remove heavy metals and other substances.
The freshwater algae can also bind pesticides, solvents and other toxins.
The algae absorbs toxins from the intestine without having to reckon with a renewed absorption of toxins due to reabsorption. Other components of the algae are absorbed by the intestine and enter the bloodstream and can also absorb other toxins in the tissue and transport them out of the organism.

During the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and also during the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, chlorella was able to achieve great results and it was found that with an intake of 8g chlorella per day, an approx. 5x higher excretion of cadmium, uranium & lead can take place.

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2. spirulina

Spirulina (Spirulina platensis)also commonly known as "blue-green algae" or "microalgae", belongs in principle to the group of bacteria and is not actually a conventional alga.
In addition to its very good nutritional values with many bioavailable amino acids that can be optimally absorbed, it plays a decisive role as a detoxification aid. The cell wall of spirulina is particularly good at binding heavy metals in the intestine, as is the colorant phycocyanin it contains. Chemically stable compounds are formed, in this case called chelates.

Through this chelation, mercury, nickel, copper, chromium, lead, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals can be eliminated and, unlike zeolite, this works not only via the intestinal wall, but also via the urine, which is why spirulina is also suitable as testicular protection in men and as brain protection in all mammals.

When taking spirulina and chlorella, we recommend either using pressed pellets or mixing the powder itself with a capsule filler* in vegan capsules*, as we personally did not like the taste of the powder very much and were hardly able to consume it in any other way.

*paid link. As an Amazon partner, we earn from qualified sales. The price remains the same for you, you only support our work.

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Chlorine dioxide solution generally deserves more attention and has been very much relegated to the sidelines in recent years. Due to its chemical properties, CDL is able to react in an acidic environment and to bring acidic areas of the intercellular tissue into an alkaline environment by means of oxidation. Dr. Otto Warburg, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, discovered that diseases, including cancer, cannot exist in an alkaline environment.

In relation to our topic of heavy metal elimination, CDL has the special role of helping to break them down and remove them from the body. However, if you decide to take it, you should be very well informed about the dangers that exist. CDL must not get into the eyes, be inhaled or overdosed. However, it is possible to gradually increase the intake, as the body's tolerance increases over time. An initial aggravation is also to be expected. If you have never taken CDL before, you should start with very low doses, maintain them for months, drink a lot and include other detoxification aids, especially zeolite and/or bentonite.

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4. zeolite

Zeolite is a very fine-pored mineral with a very large surface area as a result. It is able to remove and eliminate toxins from the intestine and also from the blood via the intestinal mucosa. It also increases the production of the superantioxidant glutathione (which is the subject of a separate chapter in the free 77-page Detox e-book dedicated).

5. glutathione

Healthy, older people always have a high glutathione level. It is involved in many metabolic processes, including vitamin C and E, and is one of the most powerful free radical scavengers. Glutathione plays an essential role in the elimination of toxins. Direct supplementation brings fewer benefits than supporting the body in the production of glutathione itself. We have also provided detailed information on zeolite and how it positively influences the glutathione metabolism in the article How can I increase my glutathione level? compiled.

6. citrus fruits

Due to their high vitamin C and mineral content, citrus fruits provide important support for the body and help the detoxification organs, including the liver, to release the maximum amount of enzymes that are important for the elimination of heavy metals. However, you should pay attention to the quality of the citrus fruit. Discount lemons are often heavily fertilized and contaminated with pesticides, some of which may also consist of heavy metals. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to the quality of citrus fruit in particular.

7. legumes

Legumes are said to have the ability to bind heavy metals and eliminate them due to their richness in sulphur groups. However, they should not be used solely for detoxification but should at best be integrated into the diet to have a supportive effect.

8. bananas

In addition to the fact that banana peels can remove heavy metals from polluted waters (external article), bananas are contained in many so-called heavy metal detox smoothies and are generally very low in heavy metals themselves. 

9. dandelion

Dandelion has a liver-strengthening effect and can be integrated perfectly into smoothies and salads. In some cases, people with a stressed liver may experience an initial aggravation, but the weed helps in the long term as it is rich in bitter, tannins and minerals. Dandelion also has a high vitamin content (it contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E and zinc).

10. ginger

Ginger supports the body in removing heavy metals from the body and also has other positive effects when it comes to supporting the detoxification organs so that they are able to perform better.

11. horseradish

Horseradish contains mustard oils, which are also found in all other types of radish. They have a diuretic, antimicrobial and digestive effect. They also clear the airways and stimulate blood circulation. This indirectly supports the elimination of heavy metals. In addition, it has been proven that horseradish in combination with hydrogen peroxide is able to break down graphene oxide in the body. 

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12. stinging nettle

Nettle has a diuretic effect and stimulates liver and kidney activity. The kidneys in particular need maximum support in detoxification cures. The blood-purifying and secretion-promoting properties of stinging nettle in relation to the bile and pancreas predestine it to be able to excrete an increased number of toxins. 

What is the best way to prevent re-intoxication symptoms during a heavy metal detox?

As toxins are also excreted via the small intestine in addition to the kidneys, binding substances should be present there to absorb them. Symptoms of re-intoxication should be prevented with the above-mentioned mineral earths such as zeolite or bentonite. These can absorb toxins via the intestinal mucous membranes and excrete them from the body as quickly as possible. Although zeolite does not penetrate the bloodstream unless it is used in nanoparticle form, it can interact with the passing blood via the intestinal villi and bind the substances there. 

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