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Eliminate graphene oxide and limit the consequences for the organism

Before we on the subject How to neutralize graphene oxide from here is some information for the time being. How dangerous is graphene oxide and why is it classified as a bioweapon by experts? Graphene oxide has an irritating effect on mucous membranes and, together with sulfur dioxide, is suitable for causing flu-like symptoms.

This article will focus on measures to eliminate the substance if it is present in the body.

But what are the characteristics of graphene oxide? graphene oxide) out? In our estimation, the following applies:

What does graphene oxide do in the body?

Pulmonary toxicity of graphene oxide, treatment by antioxidants.

Is fear of graphene oxide justified?

Graphene oxide is toxic in higher dosages and should therefore not enter the body. Experts and physicians such as Dr. Alina Lessenich advise that in case of exposure to graphene oxide, it is imperative to approach a detoxification.

Videos are circulating on the net where magnetic particles have been found with strong permanent magnets in cornflakes and even in organic tea bags. These graphene oxide particles enter the bloodstream through the lungs and intestines and can cause damage throughout the organism.

Graphene oxide nanoparticles can be very sharp-edged and thus penetrate the cell membrane and damage it. In the case of lung tissue, this can mean fibrosis. *2

Tips for elimination - get rid of graphene oxide, is it possible?

Since graphene oxide has increasing EMF energy absorption potential in the body with increasing concentration, experts advise to keep the amount in the body as low as possible. One should achieve the most complete reduction of exposure to graphene oxide and follow suitable elimination strategies.

Further, the protection from graphene oxide of the entire organism is important at the cellular level, environmental toxins, radiation and stress are currently at a level that humanity has never seen before. In addition to the toxins, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. which have creeping more and more into food production, we have a gluten content in bread, which is dangerously high and where grain consumption in general to this extent must be reconsidered. Gluten destroys the intestinal flora and promotes autoimmune diseases. Gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity are more common in the developed world than previously thought. Furthermore, enzymes are now being used which have no place in our food, but which do not even have to be labeled. In principle, we have no choice but to be generally careful with processed foods. 

But even with organic vegetables, where you think that they are free of pesticides, this is not the case. Apples, for example, may be sprayed with certain pesticides almost throughout the entire growing season. As long as no pesticide is used on the plantation for the last few weeks, the apple may still receive an organic label under certain circumstances. As an aside, minerals and bitter compounds have been purposefully bred out of many fruits and vegetables over the years or are almost non-existent due to depleted soils.

The pharmaceutical industry bases the origin of many diseases on the pathogen theory of Louis Pasteur, we, on the other hand, start from the Mileut theory of Antoine Bechamp and think that illness often rather arises from a lack of nutrients favored by emotional factors and external triggers.

Dr. Otto Warburg found out that no diseases can survive in an alkaline environment, not even cancer. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine as early as 1931, but today no one is interested in his findings anymore and everyone is looking for the so-called "miracle pill". This does not exist, the secret lies in the balance and a balanced supply of micro- and macronutrients. This is exactly our approach and in order to protect an organism in the long term from dangerous substances, radiation and stress, it is necessary to work on more than just one adjusting screw. By working together with doctors from orthomolecular medicine we were able to work out a concept to significantly reduce the effects of graphene oxide in food, ambient air and masks for the human body. How to eliminate graphene oxide in the body will be described in the following.

The dissolution of graphene compounds in the human body and cell repair

Fighting oxidative stress - how to neutralize graphene oxide

The findings on the longevity of graphene compounds in the human body are as follows: Graphene can only persist in the organism through permanent accumulation by various pathways. Antioxidants dissolve these graphene compounds and they are excreted from the organism via liver and kidneys.

How can I protect myself from graphene oxide?

Here are some antioxidants that act as graphene oxide antidotes and are suitable as vaccine detox:

In our article Zeolite and bentonite are the glutathione boosters for your immune system we have the positive effects for glutathione metabolism by porous mineral soils such as zeolite and bentonite described in more detail.

Since the stress load on the body is enormous and repair processes due to injury to the lungs are also running at excessive levels, one continues to urgently need Vitamin C in combination with zinc, due to the increased bioavailability. We do not recommend liposomal vitamin C and ascorbic acid. Vitamin C Strengthens the immune system, protects cells and supports the formation of bones, teeth and blood formation).

In general, sugar and gluten-containing products should be reduced, or at best avoided, as they unnecessarily burden the body and sabotage rather than support the self-healing power. The acid-forming properties of many foods are widely underestimated and almost completely disregarded by conventional medicine, although it has been known since the 1930s by Dr. Warburg that cancer and other diseases can only exist in an acidic environment. The acid-base balance is therefore another key to be able to eliminate graphene oxide from the human body.


This is how you can slow down cell aging

Graphene oxide destroys lung tissue, in order to obtain deferment in repair and to support the whole organism in cell renewal, offers a Chlorophyll -taking, as it provides support in this area.

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How to improve your liver activity

Since many breakdown products travel through the liver, one needs liver cleansing and detoxification organ support. For this purpose, the additional supplementation of the Amino acid L-Carnitine on. This can support the liver and kidneys and also counteracts chest pain. You can also neutralize graphene oxide this way.

Here is a list of supporting vitamins and metabolism accelerators:

  • Folic acid
    Promotes the ability to concentrate, blood formation and the formation of new red blood cells, which are important helpers in supplying the body with oxygen.
  • Iron
    Counteracts fatigue and is essential for the immune system, repair processes in the body and for the blood.
  • Vitamin A, also called retinol: Provitamin A for the formation of red blood cells, skin and mucous membranes and for the eyes.
  • Vitamin B1, also thiamine: against physical and mental weakness
  • Vitamin B2, also riboflavin: for the formation of red blood cells and detoxification
  • Vitamin B3, also known as niacin or nicotinic acid
  • Vitamin B6also pyridoxine: supports amino acid metabolism and the synthesis of hemoglobin.
  • Vitamin D
  • Carotenoids such as beta-carotene, provitamin A
  • Acemannan for effective removal of slags and degradation products of graphene oxide
  • Tannin anti-inflammatory and microbial thanks to tannins
Anti-inflammatory agents are generally beneficial, as graphene exposure brings with it consequences characteristic of inflammation.

Why is bioavailability so important in supplements?

Many vitamins, minerals and metabolism accelerators should be taken in bioavailable composition and the right combination. Depending on age and health condition, these should be variably adjusted. It is also advisable to consult a specialist in orthomolecular nutrition to coordinate the individual dosage with the patient.

Free information about vaccination and mRNA shedding

If you want to get more information about this topic, you can download our Vaccine Discharge Guide download here for free.

What is included in the Vaccine Discharge Guide?

Source data:

*1 - Rainer Taufertshöfer *2 -

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