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Galangal - spice of life

Galangal from the ginger family Galangal originates from Southeast Asia and belongs to the ginger family. Visually, it resembles ginger as well as the turmeric root. Hildegard von Bingen called the...


The wonder bulb garlic

Since ancient times, garlic (Allium sativum) is said to have invigorating and disease-preventing effects. The latest research confirms that the substance alicin, which is highly concentrated in garlic, has a strong antibacterial effect,...


Natural remedies for sore throat

Medicinal plants can cure diseases, they can relieve illnesses and pain, they can have a preventive effect. Nature has given us humans everything we need, and all for free. Herbal remedies...


Top 5 medicinal plants against cold

For cough, whooping cough, bronchitis help our top 5 medicinal plants for colds and flu symptoms True thyme (Thymus vulgaris) This medicinal plant, also known as a spice, is a time-honored remedy for diseases...


Shedding - Fission Fungus or True Danger?

What is RNA shedding anyway? RNA shedding is the process of coughing up and otherwise spreading genetically modified RNA. Experts assume that the subjects of the large-scale experiment mutate into RNA producers themselves and...


How to neutralize graphene oxide (GO) in the body

Read the article now How to neutralize graphene oxide and limit the consequences for the organism Before we come to the topic How to neutralize graphene oxide, first of all some information. How dangerous is graphene oxide....

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This is how you discharge graphene oxide without drugs.

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